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News - MEDIAWAVE Foundation

2015-12-24 11:14


Around the end of the year, as we usually do, we try to have a look at our activity, what we have done in 2015. As a civil organisation with the intention of transmitting culture, we aim to give artistic and community experiences and collaborate with other civil organisations. We believe that the cooperations with real backgrounds can be the base of the recreation of the dying community expriences. We are sending some of these, without ranking but in chronological order, under the christmas tree.   - see the details.



SUBMISSION - luckily, submissions are flooding to the 2016 Film Festival. We have received 1150 entries from 79 countries so far. The deadline is 10 January. You can see the list of submitted films here. Let us recommend satiric selection from the early years.
25 YEARS MEDIAWAVE BROUCHURE - we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas particularly with this publication (you can reach it here). You might find it enjoyable to read this collection of memories and facts in the holiday, which doesn not want to glamorize our activity but rather strives to give a real and bare picture of the ups and downs of a cultural organisation founded after the regime changed.  We also started to deal with the data of the past 25 years in details. The first 10 years is available on our website with reminiscences, photos and videos. .
MEDIAWAVE FILM ARCHIVE - while you are free to browse in our web film archives (Győr Filmarchive & EtnikArchive) and in our webTV (MWwebTV - EtnikArchivwebTV), placing the "physical" archive has been a big problem for us for five years as we haven't found a public institution that is willing to host the collection of over 30.000 films. However, in smalls steps, we built in an attic and from 2016, the archive will be open to the public  for visting and research purposes. 
THE RENEWED MŰHELY PERIODICAL IS 25 YEARS OLD - the anniversary was celebrated on 28 September in the  Petőfi Museum of Literature in Budapest, with the active participation of over 30 authors and the chief editor László Villányi. We were also there with our cameras.
MESSAGE HOME - We visited four villages in Kárpátalja (Ukrain) with the Living Source Tradition Preserving Association from Kiscsősz, Hungary and recorded their dance performance spiced with  literature. Choreographers: Kovács Norbert "Cimbi" and Kádár Ignác. Our records of the performances are available here.
ARE YOU FREE? Musicfestival - the festival from Dunasja Sreda (SK) is an old partner of us and we have been doing the documentation of their festival for years. They mostly program free jazz and avantgard music. You can watch the concerts here.
"THINK OVER AND EXPERIENCE THE TRADITION" - The Herman Ottó Institute in Tállya entrusted us with the documentation of an interesting program. The music workshop of György Ferenczi & the Rackajam and the dance workshop of Kovács Norbert "Cimbi" were promising signs... Here you can reach the film and further deatails.

ÖRDÖGKATLAN FESTIVAL - MEDIAWAVE KOVÁCS MANOR HOUSE AND SUMMER ART CAMP - In August this year, it was the 7th and last occasion we collaborated in the organisation works. Thanks that they tolerated our different kind of working and thinking but the mass festival it is becoming is not our cup of tea any more. In the future we are sailing to stiller waters, more precisely we move our experimenting and community building "Slow River"movement to the Bird Paradise in Somogyfajsz.  You can find this year's camp films and photos here.


MEDIAWAVE SUMMER ART CAMP IN SOMOGYFAJSZ - in July, as an experiment, we tried this location embedded in the bird paradise, and it was working! From 2016, this place is surely going to be our new camp venue and first station of our Slow River movement which is the extention of the community attitude of the MEDIAWAVE with environment conscious elements . We made a clip there. 

BARN FESTIVAL IN KISCSŐSZ - we documented the folk event of the festival as an other cooperation with the Living Source Association of Kiscsősz. We made a film which you can reach here.
MACSÉTÁS CSÁRDÁS - in coopeartion wth Cifra Workshop, we made some films about our tour in 2014-in Sao Paulo where we intended to map the Hungarian communities living in South America. One of them shows the participants of the Hungarian Folk Dance Festival in South America and the other two are about two prominent figures of the Benedict Order in Sao Paole.
OTTÓ TOLNAI 75 - the famous contemporary poet and writer from Voivodina, Serbia has been the  patron of the MEDIAWAVE from the beginning. He celebrated his 75th birthday in June in the Petőfi Museum of Literature. We were also there to record the event which you can find here.

LONG LASTING WAVE 25 - For us, the first event of the year was our 25 Gathering, which, according to the feedbacks, was able to work differently from other standard festivals.  Thanks for everyone who wrote us their memories and we are looking forward to receiving further writings on our common history.  You can reach the reminiscences here. Here you can find the photos of 25 anniversary meeting. It is also worth to check the other mood photos. Completing concert records is in progress.


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2023-06-25 015:05

Greek filmmakers at the Passport Controll Summer Workshop

Two Greek filmmakers will come to this year's Passport Controll - Summer Art Workshops and Community Gathering, to lead film workshop for students. Film director Karina Logothetis and sound designer Vasilis Zlatanos won the award for the Most Original Short Film at the 33rd edition of the Mediawave Film Festival this year, with their short fiction Pebble.














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